Welcome, New Employees!

The Library Staff welcomes you to Connors State College! We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to the library’s collections and resources that are available to you.  The library’s home page (www.connorsstate.edu/library) will lead you to a variety of resources.
Please note the tabs across the top of the Library’s web page. Under each tab is information to assist you and your students.

  • Library Home:  Takes you to the library’s main page.  The page contains general information about the two campus libraries, contact information, library hours and special events notices.
  • Articles & Databases:  Contains links to the Library’s subscription databases.  Subscription databases can be accessed using your C-Key credentials.  The page also contains links to credible Internet resources.
  • New Employees:  You are here! The page explains the services our libraries have for you.
  • Library Hours:  Lists the current open hours’ schedules for the libraries at both Warner & Muskogee.
  • FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions about the Library, its programs and services.
  • Catalog:  Links to Connors’ WebVoyagé online catalog, www.csc.library.okstate.edu
  • Faculty Resources:  Connects you to the library’s Master Academic Collection of streaming videos and video clips for use in the classroom or in BlackBoard.  Topics included are humanities and social sciences, business and economics, science and mathematics, health and medicine, and archival films and newsreels.  Films on Demand is also available under the Articles & Databases tab. Click Databases, then Films on Demand and your Connors log-in lets you and your students in.

The Library offers several additional services to assist you as well:

  • Information Literacy/Library Orientations: Library staff can help teach your students how to evaluate information, use library databases or to conduct research on specific topics. Call Library Staff for an appointment.
  • Reserves: We can place assigned readings, videos, books and articles on reserve for your students.
  • Interlibrary Loans (ILL): We can borrow materials from other libraries to assist you in your classroom or personal research. Contact Library Staff for assistance.
  • Faculty Requests for Library Materials: Faculty may suggest library materials purchases to support their class curriculum. Contact Library staff.

Do You Need Books, Journals, Videos, DVDs?

WebVoyagé: The library’s online catalog includes books, videos, and DVDs. Remote access to WebVoyagé is also available via the Library’s web page or by accessing www.csc.library.okstate.edu. Available options include BASIC SEARCH, ADVANCED SEARCH, COURSE RESERVE MATERIALS, SAVED PREFERENCES, ACCOUNT REVIEW, and HELP. New item titles may be accessed by clicking on the BASIC SEARCH option and then clicking on the NEW BOOKS tab.

Books: The Library subscribes to the McNaughton Lease Plan which provides popular, current fiction titles for recreational and personal reading. McNaughton books are located on the Warner Campus; however, they are included in the online catalog and can be requested by persons at the Muskogee West Campus via intra-campus mail. The Library also has general non-fiction and reference titles.

Periodicals/Journals: The Library subscribes to approximately 50 different periodicals and journals on a variety of subjects to support the curriculum. There are also popular titles available for recreational and personal reading.

Videos/DVD’s: The Library has curriculum support materials in the form of videos and DVD’s that are accessible via the online catalog. In 2009-10, the Warner Campus Library initiated a recreational DVD service for the campus’s resident population. See Library Staff for details.
Do You Need Online Resources?

Subscription Databases: The Library subscribes to 14 databases that cover a wide variety of disciplines. One such database provided by the vendor, EBSCO, includes over 25 different sub-databases. Access to all library databases is available by using your C-Key login and password.
Do You Want to Place Materials on Reserve for Your Students?

Reserves: Check at the Library’s Information Desk at either campus location on how to put materials on reserve in WebVoyagé, the online catalog. Reserve materials, including links to online resources, can be put in WebVoyagé under the COURSE RESERVE tab.
Do You Need an Item That the Library Doesn’t Own?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL): Interlibrary Loan is available at both campus locations. Check with Library Staff for ILL forms and procedures.

Would You Like the Library Staff to Offer Library Orientations to Your Classes?
Instruction Services: Library staff at both campus library locations can conduct sessions to help teach your students to evaluate information, use library databases or do research on specific topics. Advanced notice of class visits is highly recommended so that staff can customize the presentation to your needs.

Do You Need to Order Library Materials to Support Your Curriculum?
Library staff welcomes input from faculty on their curriculum needs. Requests for library materials purchases can be emailed, faxed or made in person at either campus library location. The minimal information needed to process the request is the author (if available), title, copyright date and a ISBN number or ISBN-13 number. The more information you have about a resource, the better.

If you have any questions not answered here, give Library Staff a call at 918-463-6210 in Warner or 918-684-5408 in Muskogee. We look forward to seeing you in the Library! WELCOME!