Long-time Instructor Enjoys Teaching

Jimmy White, who has taught at Connors State College since 1976 and was named chairman of the Social Science Division in 1990, enjoys passing his knowledge to the students who attend his classes.

White, who has taught history, government and geography during his tenure at Connors State. He said he enjoys the “interaction with the students.”

“I really like the way that the school takes care of its students,” said Jimmy. “They care about the students and the small classes really help,” said White.

White attended Langston University and Oklahoma State University and has been an educator in Oklahoma for nearly 40 years, beginning his professional teaching career in 1973 at Capitol Hill Middle School in Oklahoma City.

He has been active in several civic and professional organizations, represents Connors State on the Oklahoma State Higher Regents’ Faculty Advisory Council and is a founding board member of the Oklahoma African American Educators Hall of Fame.

When he is not planning his classes, working up tests and developing his lectures, his relaxes with some of his favorite hobbies, viewing old black and white Science Fiction and gangster movies, listening to Be Bop, Progressive Jazz music and working on motor vehicles.

“I like to rebuild and restore cars, truck and motorcycles,” said White. “I just like to work on the old cars and trucks and get them in shape.”

White said he has a 1954 Dodge, 1979 Suzuki motorcycle, and 1977 Mercury that he is restoring.

Although Jimmy has a motorcycle he doesn’t take long bike rides around the country. “I just like to ride around the area. I don’t travel a long distance on the bike, “said White.