PLC Scholarship

PLC Scholarships:

The PLC awards will be given to the top applicants. PLC scholars receive a Regents Fee Waiver Scholarship for full tuition up to 18 credit hours per semester.

The total award per fall and spring semester cannot exceed the general tuition cost and excludes fees. This award is limited to only four consecutive regular semesters; each student will be responsible to pay for his/her own textbooks, fees and dues.

PLC membership includes 10 hours per week college work.  Each student scholar will work four hours per week in service to PLC and CSC and six hours per week for a faculty or staff member on campus.

For questions about your scholarship, please call Financial Aid at 918-463-6310.

President’s Leadership Class Scholarship Instructions – Deadline is March 1.  For questions about your PLC application, call 918-463-6308.